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PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:58 pm
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Here is a great article published in Houston Chronicle, before Yao's first season, wisely and compassionately making a case for patience in the way the basketball world should treat Yao. I wish I had seen this earlier. Following the link is my letter to the writer. ... 61757.html

Hi Fran,

I just read the article written by you in September 2002. I'm a fan of Yao Ming. Having followed him and the Rockets in the last 3 seasons, I found your article to be not only presciently insightful, but possessing a remarkable sensitivity and compassion. Yao has struggled in so many, if not all, of the ways you predicted.

As a person of Asian ancestry, I have often felt that I uniquely understood his struggles and had great empathy for him. At times I have felt that the world of American basketball, including the NBA, basketball fans, and the commentators, was not only insensitive but indeed cruel in the way it dealt with Yao. As a fan, I have dreaded sitting through the games in which he played less than brilliantly and was not able to lead the Rockets to victory. However, I always believed that he would undoubtedly progress to become an exceptional player if given enough time not only to learn the game but to ADJUST TO HIS NEW LIFE AND NEW CULTURE. I felt that he was often harshly and unfairly treated when he played less than stellarly. Like many Rockets and Yao fans, I relished his exceptional play earlier this year and fancied that perhaps he has finally come into his own. I wish him and the Rockets a great seaon.

Returning to your article - I truly appreciate that you so wisely prepared fans for what lay ahead, and compassionately made a case for patience and understanding for Yao. I wish I had encountered it earlier.


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 11:38 am
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