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Read this today on


But anyway, it was a short translation exercise for me.

ENJOY !!! 8)

Quote: ... 2598.shtml

From Sina Sports
October 22, 2010

So this year, other than Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian, there will be one more Chinese player in NBA; and he is Jeremy Lin Shuhao, from Harvard University, a player that the Golden State Warriors signed over the post season. From not being picked in the Draft, to joining the Dallas Mavericks for the Summer League, and then to be signed by his hometown team Golden State Warriors, every move of Jeremy Lin Shuhao in the NBA had been closely followed, and attracted more eye-ball attention by Chinese all around the globe.

Therefore special correspondent from Sina Sports conducted the following exclusive interview on Jeremy Lin Shuhao recently.

Sina Sports: When the locker room was opened for the press, we could not find you all over the places; you were not practicing on the court, and you were not resting in the locker room. With the help of players of the Golden State Warriors and your Media Relationship Manager, I only came to know that you had gone to the temporary chapel specially set up within the arena. So prior to the game commenced, you specifically went to the chapel to pray. Is this your habit prior to every game you play?

Jeremy Lin:
Yes, I usually pray quietly for 15 minutes before each game I play. I had been doing this since I was in college. But unlike NBA, there were no special little house set up for this purpose in NCAA. So I just sat aside by myself quietly, and prayed for a little while.

Sina Sports: How did you start playing basketball when you were a kid?

Jeremy Lin: The 3 brothers of us had been influenced by our father, and we all love basketball. You can count my father Lin Jieming (林杰明) as my first mentor/coach that enlightened me onto the road of basketball. My elder brother Joshua (Lin Shuya 林书雅), even though he no longer plays basketball now, represented his school team when he was in high school. My younger brother Joseph(Lin Shuwei 林书纬) is still studying in high school, but already applying for scholarships from various universities. I wished my brother could have better luck than I, because when I graduated from my high school, I only got 2 letters of acceptance from 2 Ivy League universities: Harvard University and Brown University. I was sort of compelled to choose Harvard.

Sina Sports: Ivy League universities normally won't give scolarships to students, right?

Jeremy Lin:
Right ! Therefore in the eyes of the others, Harvard is such a famous elite university. But as for me, it is a choice out of no choices.

Sina Sports: But you have now a resume that alot of people would envy. You had majored Economics for 4 years at Harvard; you've got a 3.1 GPA (Grade Point Average); even though your results seemed just a bit above average, it was not an easy feat for a student like you that had to play basketball all year round for the university. Will you consider entering the graduate school in future?

Jeremy Lin:
When my basketball career ends, I think I will strive to receive specialized training to become a pastor, and work for a non-profit making organization.

Sina Sports: Why is there such an ideal?

Jeremy Lin:
I think I was nurtured by my parents; they are very devout Christians.

[While I was doing this interview with Jeremy Lin Shuhao, he suddenly told me: "Let's move out to another place so as not to disturb the others." So we changed spot and leaned on the wall by the entrance door to continue our interview. Of all the players I had interviewed in the past, he seemed to be the only one who is so considerate of others' feelings. He looked so humble and modest beyond his age, not easily got carried away by external gains, and at the same time, not easily saddened/frustrated by personal losses. This summer, even after missing being picked at the Draft, he said everything was under God's arrangement, and he could accept it.

Both Jeremy Lin's parents came from Taiwan, and therefore he is 100% of Chinese descent. However, whether it is Chinese Mainland or Chinese Taipei, as far as he is concerned, they are still very very far away from him.]

Sina Sports: Alot of netizens over Internet are concerned whether you will play on behlf of the Mainland or Taiwan in future?

Jeremy Lin:
As of now, I have yet to think about such possibilities. I can understand some Chinese, but I seldom speak any. I had gone back to Taiwan a few times before, but I have never visited the Mainland. But Nike has already arranged for me such a visit; I will visit mainland China for my first time sometimes next year.

Although Jeremy Lin has already signed a contract with the Golden State Warriors and became the very first NBA player out from Harvard University, as a professional basketballer, waiting ahead of him is still alot of hardships and trials.

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